Adam Thorp at the Social Media & Marketing show Adam Thorp

Meet Adam Thorp at Strathclyde Business Show. Adam is an advisor, a coach, a speaker, an agency owner and an investor.

After 25 years Adam ‘the Brand Chap’ Thorp has become one of the specialists and thought leaders in all facets of go-to-market development through to front-line sales and marketing execution.

Organisations of all size and sector seek his expertise to help them define and execute their brand, promise and offering DNA to achieve deep and sustainable results; while also being asked to join the board of organisations as Non-exec Director or Senior Trusted Advisor to strategically help ensure brand strategy oozes through everything they do both internally and externally.

Alongside his consultancy, Adam Thorp runs an award-winning agency has worked with large corporations, start-ups and everything in-between, across the UK, Europe and beyond. The agency focuses on delivering a growing suite of products and services explicitly designed to support organisations in their goal to achieve brand-savvy growth, sales and market position.

He aims to consistently demystify and empower those who work with him, to enable them to navigate with confidence the ever-changing and increasingly complicated world of brand, marketing and consumer engagement.

“I love to help organisations, business owners, senior leaders and people, in general, achieve their goals.
When I was little, I wanted to be either a teacher or a designer…
I think I ended up being both.”

Do you ever feel…

If so, it’s almost definitely worth us having a chat.

Feel free to get in touch… ‘Book a Chat’ at or call 0333 5671167. Check out the event schedule for timings and meet Adam Thorp at Strathclyde Business Show.

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