Stefan Thomas at the Social Media & Marketing show Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas at Strathclyde Business Show. In 2007 and after 18 years as an estate agent, Stef became self-employed by accident and HAD to make networking work.

Faced with massive debt, and shaken by the bad decisions he had made along the way, his first attempt at running a business involved sitting indoors with the curtains drawn and drinking wine in the afternoon.

He realised that he had to get over himself and get on with it, so he went to the bottle bank, had a shave and got himself out there.

Now, with over 1000 networking events and two best-selling books under his belt, Stef is the acknowledged UK expert on business networking.

From nervous networker to running the UK’s fastest-growing joined-up networking organisation Stefan has learnt, through brute force, how to make networking work for him and now, in his first book, Business Networking for Dummies, he explains how you can use it too.

Stefan’s keynote is always full of information and usable advice, Stefan takes you through every aspect of networking, including what to say in your introduction, how to handle your one-to-ones, how and when to follow up and, ultimately, how to use networking to grow your business.

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