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Sponsorship is the perfect way to reach every delegate and exhibitor at one of our business shows. For a modest investment, you can gain additional exposure, marketing data and promotional activities to help grow your brand, build leads and opportunities or just spread the word about your product or service. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you and become one of our sponsors. 

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SET for Business CRM

Main Event Sponsors
Powerful & intuitive sales management software solution for small to medium-sized businesses. A smart sales CRM for SME teams with big dreams. SET helps your sales pipeline soar. Feature-rich, easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM to organise, log and analyse your sales data. SET was developed for sales professionals by sales professionals with the idea of keeping things simple. Our goal is to ensure your salesforce maximise focus on revenue-generating activities by the use of a CRM that is specifically tailored to your business needs which ultimately means closing more deals. Start your 14 days assisted free trial today. Easy to set up, no credit card required.
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adsmart from SKY

Media Sponsors
For years, many businesses have thought that TV advertising has been out of their reach due to its mass appeal and associated costs. AdSmart is turning that thinking on its head – making TV relevant and affordable for businesses across the UK. But why use TV to help your business? Because TV is the most effective form of advertising there is…
Aitken Design

Aitken Design

Print Sponsors
Aitken Design is a multi-disciplined web, print and design company, producing a wide range of promotional products and print material for clients of all sizes, and supporting them through their online marketing with our unique subscription based website service. We want to help your business to reach its full potential, and we will help it look the part! We help businesses like yours to develop and promote their brand using print and digital media with our creative design solutions and innovative printed products. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to establish a greater awareness of your business, and grow from there. We are passionate about getting your brand into the hearts, minds and hands of your customers.


Exclusive Coffee Providers
Small or large office, reception or meeting room, Nespresso Professional are able to provide you with a solution to suit your business needs. With a range of 17 coffees, Nespresso Professional answers each need and the preferences for all of your employees. Every office deserves the best coffee. We are here to elevate your every moment with the exquisite taste of high-quality coffee.

Uplifting your employees’ coffee moments is not only a matter of quality in cup. It’s also a choice of values, from start to finish. So right from the beginning we embrace sustainable choices and we respect farmer’s work. These are the first steps towards high quality coffee.


Web Intelligence Sponsors
CANDDi tracks and identifies the people who are visiting your website. But what does this mean for you? Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or management... CANDDi means complete visibility over your web traffic, and no more missed opportunities. Thanks to our extensive list of CRM integrations, getting valuable insights about your visitors couldn’t be simpler.

We drive all of the rich information we collect directly into the systems your sales team is already comfortable using. Find out more about us on our website.
Success IQ Elite

Success IQ Elite

Business Coaching Sponsors
Success IQ is a set of strategies developed by Mindset and Performance Expert Geoff Nicholson who works with business owners and high achievers in creating exceptional results in life and business.  His Success IQ Elite program is designed for those serious about investing in themselves to learn the tactics and strategies for high performance.

If you looking for an advantage for building success, such as increased motivation, focus and productivity not to mention the huge benefits for your health and well-being you definitely want to give Geoff a call Just one conversation can create a lifetime of results, book your discovery call today

The Networking Retreat

Networking Sponsor
Whether you make your business work, or not, can depend entirely on who you have in your network, how you engage with your network, and who you have to guide you to do so. Your network might be the people you are connected with on LinkedIn, the people you've met in real life who aren't clients yet, and any number of other connections. ​ Your network may be the people you're marketing to, who have yet to buy from you. ​ In fact, you might be really frustrated that you're doing all the right things, and still aren't making enough sales. ​

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